The Kings Arms

An Auckland institution: live music venue, heritage pub, affordable eatery

The Kings Arms is a bar, an authentic rock music venue, an affordable eatery and an unpretentious no fuss pub experience with a sun-drenched beer garden smack bang in the centre of town.



  • LAB GRUPPEN 1200c (4 exclusive monitor sends)

  • LAB GRUPPEN 1200c (top range)

  • YORKVILLE AP6020 (mid-range)

  • LAB GRUPPEN 4000 (sub)


  • Mid/top boxes: Yorkville e’lite AP 6020 x4

  • Subs: Yorkville e’lite LS 808 x4

  • Monitors: Yorkville e’lite E 152 x4


  • 3 phase/3x1 phase

Mixing Desk & Outboard:

  • 32 Ch ALLEN & HEATH GL3800

  • 30 Channel multicore to stage

  • BSS FCS 966 opal constant Q EQ x6

  • Dbx 1046 Quad comp/limiter x1

  • Dbx 1074 Quad gate x1

  • Phonic PCL 3200 stereo comp/limit/gate x2

  • TC electronic M one XL dual channel FX x2


  • 3 Phase Power

  • Par 56 Cans x12

  • Nova 24 Channel Lighting Mixer x1          

Stage size:

  • Depth - 4.18m

  • Width - 5.78m

  • Height - 0.97m

DJ equipment:

  • 2x Technics 1210 Turntables (no cartridges/no needles)

  • Numark Matrix3 Mixer (BYO iPod RCA cords)

  • 1 x Portable Red Bull DJ Booth - 160cm wide 60cm deep

Also available for hire:

  • Projector (projects onto stage area). Bring your own laptop.

  • Catering available for functions, please ask. No BYO.


Vocal PA System:

  • LAB GRUPPEN 1200c (4 exclusive monitor sends)

  • 1 x YORKVILLE 508 (8 channel powered mixer with on board effects)

  • 2 x JANDS SPEAKER BOXES (with 15 inch drivers and horns)
  • 2 x SHURE SM 58 VOCAL MICS (with cables and mic stands, unless required for a lounge bar show)

Coming soon to the Front Bar:

  • Monitors

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