The Kings Arms

An Auckland institution: live music venue, heritage pub, affordable eatery

The Kings Arms is a bar, an authentic rock music venue, an affordable eatery and an unpretentious no fuss pub experience with a sun-drenched beer garden smack bang in the centre of town.


Your city local

Located in Newton, just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Queen St in the Auckland CBD and slap-bang on the city’s divide between Ponsonby and Newmarket is an iconic Auckland treasure. The Kings Arms Tavern.

Legendary isn't an adjective that one just throws around every day, and yet there it sits comfortably in front of one of Auckland’s oldest and most beloved pubs, the venue of choice for touring international, national and local acts. The Kings Arms is a pub, a live rock music venue, an affordable eatery and an authentic no-fuss experience with a sun-drenched beer garden smack bang in the centre of town.

Our legacy

The Kings Arms is steeped in history and has built a legacy unlike any other bar in Auckland. It’s a fair bet that several generations of Aucklanders have darkened its doorways at one time or another, either to drink or see a band. It occupies an integral but uncelebrated place in the lives of many. On the other side of the coin, besides the well-known fact that the White Stripes once graced the stage before they were big, other celebrated artists - local and otherwise - owe a debt of gratitude to the Kings Arms for being there when they needed it. It has and always will be the backbone of the live music scene in Auckland. Every rock band from in or around NZ still has that understandable desire to say "we played the Kings Arms last night". It seems nothing much has changed. Besides, change is over-rated.

Your story

From generation to generation, we've all got a story to share about the Kings Arms. With its unique character and charm, there's no place in Auckland like it. And if you haven't been back for a while, well, it's time you came up with a new story to share.

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