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Fred & Toody Cole (from Dead Moon)

With Delany Davidson, Manos Del Chango, Will Saunders & the Quick & the Dead

underthefuckingradarpresents Fred & Toody in DECEMBER 2016

FRIDAY 16th  Auckland at The Kings Arms w/Delany Davidson & guests

TICKETS available through from 10am Friday 7th October

Fred & Toody Cole from legendary Portland group Dead Moon will play three New Zealand shows in December.

For those who are new…. Fred & Toody are the epitome of  D.I.Y. rock and roll, a  rock and roll love story in MONO with a canon of unforgettable songs and tales that defy description.

Now a duo, grandparents of four, legends, lifers, and lovers Fred and Toody Cole keep on rocking in their stripped down but no less intense duo Fred and Toody


They have visited NZ numerous times since their first visit in 1992. At the same time Nirvana were reaching great heights with Nevermind and asked Dead Moon to do an arena tour with them, but they had already committed themselves to a 20+ date tour of New Zealand that took them to the main centres as well as Haast, Wanganui, and Greymouth.

This time, their shows will be of a semi acoustic nature – at least on paper – we’re not sure if they know how to play quiet,  and dipping into Fred Cole's 50 + year career which goes from his groups from the 60s to now including  The Weeds to The Lollipop Shoppe to Zipper  The Rats to Dead Moon and more recently Pierced Arrows. Reports of their recent performance from Gonerfest 2016 indicate they are unmissable.


Recent visitor to New Zealand and owner of Portland's Mississippi Records, Eric Isaacson,  says that Dead Moon are one of the most important groups to ever come out of Portland IF not the most important. He is also the official Dead Moon / Fred Cole archivist. 


Pearl Jam, Cat Power and THe Black Lips have all covered songs written by Fred Cole.


This writer could go on forever about all things Fred Cole - but see the following quotes from a handful of locals who are Dead Moon , Fred and Toody Cole fans for life ...  


“One of my favourite Dead Moon songs is I Won’t Be The One. It’s a look back at their times in life and music, but also Toody’s ode to Fred. Her soul and his unlying guitar”.    Maria Robinson - publicist 


Dead proof of the legend that the music industry, studio polish, singing or even the very idea of songwriting are all irrelevant, and giving hope to every band thrashing it out in garages, ill attended venues, and bedrooms.. Cult is alive. Cult doesn’t care. Cult thrives despite trends and publicity. A zombie Gollum that pulses globally ignoring geographical and time challenge, and a rare beast in today's slick packaged social medium diet. The Revenge starts as most Dead Moon songs do, curdles its way to those vocals, does some minimum twists and then ends. It almost doesnt even matter what song it is.. The only thing that is important is that it is Dead Moon..and  it couldn't be anyone else..unmistakable, baffling,distilled and irresistible.       Delaney Davidson -  musician 


One of my all time favorite Dead Moon tracks is "Can't Let Go" from the album Nervous Sooner Changes. This was the first Dead Moon album I owned and the second I heard it I knew they were the real deal. 
Can't Let Go is an ode to rock n roll, the trials and tribulations of living life on the road, the ups and downs of night after night getting on stage to bare yourself to ambivalent strangers, the highs and lows in chasing your dreams all because rock n roll runs through you and must come out no matter what happens. Doing it because you have to. Dead Moon are true from the heart rock n roll, they’re not posers, not pretentious not there for money, fame or any reason other than rock n roll and the do it on their terms. "Can't Let Go" shows an insight to why Fred and Toody Cole continue to do what they do and why they are still considered to be some of the most inspiring, hard working people of this underground D.I.Y genre.
     Matt Rapley -  musician & host 95bFM’sDirtbag radio


19yrs old I'd recently discovered punk, I was a late bloomer and that book "please kill me" was going around Auckland. This is pre-internet Auckland, and no one was giving out precious information for free, so when someone at the Kings Arms asked if I was going to the Dead Moon show I said "Who's t that? I know the Dead Boys but who's Dead Moon?" this was met with "Oh My God you don't know who Dead Moon is????" But no one would actually tell me anything. For weeks leading up to the show I started to hear crazy rumours, mostly about the wild drummer and how he had a burning candle sitting in a skull atop his kick drum that band played along until it went out, the ritual was so alluring. When I finally got to see them live they blew me away with a raw power I've truly yet to see since!  They were undeniable.  54/40 Or Fight is my favourite song  as I have a penchant for historically lit songs and now being an Oregon resident I feel close to this one.  Fiona Campbell -  musician & tour manager


"54-40 OR FIGHT!"... hearing those words being spat out across the front row of the Kings Arms in 1999 by Fred Cole... Fred, Toody and Andrew all in a row along the front of the stage, covered in hair, beer and candle-wax, charging through the apocalyptic trash-punk anthem like the last band on the planet... earlier we had run into Andrew Loomis (RIP) in the crowd, who after hearing we were underage and had jumped the fence a third time after being thrown out twice already by the tour promoter (John Baker - third time's a charm) promptly peeled off a few cans from the band's rider and handed them to us before climbing onstage... still the best show I ever saw and that song is still a shotgun-blast call-to-arms for any teenage scumbag... "54-40 OR FIGHT - ALRIGHT!" Mookie -  artist extraordinaire 


In a world where music is commodified and manufactured, where the songs are often incidental to the photoshoot or the inane tweet, Fred and Toody of Dead Moon remain among my favourite people for their true rock'n'roll spirit.

Dead Moon albums bristle with energy, fire, commitment and a raw garageband attitude. They are also chock full of great, memorable and genuinely thrilling songs.

And live they bring the same passion -- tempered with humour, a generosity of spirit and the sheer joy in being there in front of an audience.


They are my raucous rock'n'role models.  Graham Reid – music writer


My favorite Dead Moon song is always changing. They have just got so many good ones. When I was introduced to them it was 54/40. This was so killer live. Once I delved deeper into the catalogue I discovered such gems as Going South with its bad ass guitar riff. When I'm putting together compilations I always seem to put Evil Eye on it. Dead Moon production is so raw and honest so when the sound and sentiment is nailed like in Evil Eye, it really is something special.  Dion Lunadon -  musician


Whenever I hear the song 'Dead Moon Night' I am reminded of that wide open weekend, when the world turned on its axis just so, and a new course was set.

Barrytown on the West Coast is a blink and you miss it kind of place, nestled between sea spray and rugged bush clad rock face.. There's a pub, a hall and that's pretty much it..
The Dead Moon show there was a game changer for me. It blew my mind that Dead Moon would travel so far to play in a vast open, sparsely populated wilderness and that there would be a hall there that could accommodate such an event!
Since then I have played more times than I can count at The Barrytown hall with my band The Eastern. Instilled in me is the punk rock spirit.. All you need is some vapours from an oily rag, some blood and guts and tears and a whole lot of steady, hard core lovers of music to show up wherever you land. Jess Shanks - musician


54/40 Or Fight , easily one of their best, pure rock 'n' roll energy. The riff, the voice, the works. If this song was a burger it would be the top line meal,with all the extras included... Being lucky enough to experience Dead Moon live a few times this song always stands out amongst an already impressive set of life affirming tunes.  Brian Wafer – the one and only

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