The Kings Arms

An Auckland institution: live music venue, heritage pub, affordable eatery

The Kings Arms is a bar, an authentic rock music venue, an affordable eatery and an unpretentious no fuss pub experience with a sun-drenched beer garden smack bang in the centre of town.

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Gold Wheel Fest 2015

It's that time of the year when summer's winding down, everybody's back at school/work/the dole, and we're all sunburnt and jaded... it seems obvious that all anybody really wants right now is one more MASSIVELY INSANE FESTIE!!!!!

This Saturday, one GIANT GROUP OF BANDS are joining forces to celebrate and simultaneously exploit Auckland's finest AMATEUR TAXI COMPANY:

That's right, it's GOLD WHEEL FEST 2015.

The Inland Revenue Stage:

The Bus Lane Stage:


It's two stages, it's over one day, it's gonna be crazy, everybody's going nuts for this exciting festival.

"It's the Gold Wheel you can trust!"

Wouldn't you believe it??? This is the shortest notice for a gig in the world! It's CRAZY!
The price of this crazy festival is $10. If you went to this gig 25 times, you'd have spent as much on a Camp A Low Hum ticket! INSANE!
Michael McClelland Taxis CEO Michael McClelland needs to pay off his CRAZY PARKING FINES so he can continue spinning that golden wheel, so there will be an INSANE koha bucket to help pay this off! CRAZY!!
There will be one SERIOUS raffle competition going down at this event... the winner gets a free ride in the legendary gold wheel taxi itself! I can't BELIEVE this!
Just in time for the most narcissistic gig ever, Michael McClelland is ready to debut his new SCALPY SHEEN look! There will be clippers on standby at this crazy event so you can shave a friend and take part in this WILD HAIR-REMOVAL CRAZE!
Great news, bead lovers! There will be DOZENS of great deals on necklaces & beads available for purchase at this show! You won't BELIEVE these beads!
There'll be visuals, there'll be bands, there'll be electronic artists, there'll be DJs, there'll be booze, friends, you name it!! UNBEARABLE!
And then to top it off, at the end of the night ALL THE BANDS WILL PLAY TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!*
* havent locked this one in yet


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